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Dec 9, 2013 10:00am EST
have a real credibility issue that they are not addressing. publicly or privately. as a defense, usually the defense is twofold. one is structural. you raised her notices and tighten up or. one is to go after the guy who is attacking you. usually, he is incompetent. you do not vote display. there is no slate tebow. you're not allowing that to proceed. going out and bad mouthing him -- he compounded and it will be a long conversation. isn't it fair to say, good or bad, there is no one like bill lachman? his investors know his style. he is met with skepticism at the onset. look at what he did. do you think it is a huge shock to his investors? i would be the first to say, is this a trade or a crusade? it seems like a crusade, and that is risky. >> the investors know what they're getting into. einhorn --s, david they are up 20%. ackman will come in in low double digits. i do not know his december results. that is an underperformance. yes, he will expect to get some pressure. anthinks outside the box in area where everyone is in. >> what does that make you think, though? he is puttin
Dec 6, 2013 10:00am EST
maybe a defense contractor or somebody larger to step in. >> do with those big gains, are you willing to put principle over profit? >> i've had that question from some other people. this company is going to be worth what it is when they sell it. whilee to recognize that public companies might have gone up in value, private companies, to us, the value has not changed. we do not know what it is until they sell the company. >> but it raises tough questions for investors like you am a to 70s point. stephanie's to point. when do you say to cerberus, just get rid of it. i don't care what you get for it? say to cerberus, "just get rid of it, i don't care what you get for it?" to many teachers, so we have to look for it to perform. we will be encouraging them to sell it. we will look at all our options. cerberus knows that. we are evaluating all of our investments with them. but they cover a lot of other partners that have very different points of view. there are a lot of split points of view on this issue. it is highly emotional for people. with what you have heard from cerberus, the company ha
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2